Samantha Pleet Spring '14 Is Darwin Revisited

Arcadia is a mythical paradise where the connection between (wo)man and nature thrives. And when you spend each day in the city that never sleeps, it's only normal to wonder if you weren't meant to find such harmony by exploring a greater jungle — perhaps one where the terrain wasn't covered with so much concrete. Knowing that New Yorkers are perhaps in need of an escape, Samantha Pleet hones the idea of Arcadia to showcase her spring/summer '14 collection.
Though this video is a first for Pleet, her passion for such inspiration is nothing new: "About a year ago I saw an amazing exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of art titled "Visions of Arcadia." I saw how some of my favorite artists like Gauguin, Rousseau, and Matisse were on a search for Arcadia, and it was an important subject for their work. I felt a connection to them. I am always searching for this idea of paradise in my own work."
Paintings may have served as the catalyst for her "Arcadia" film, but Pleet drew thematic inspiration from Darwin's actual journals and travels. "I was inspired by Darwin's journey on the Beagle, especially when they went through the almost mythical land of Tierra Del Fuego around the bottom of South America. He met the mischievous-but-friendly locals. They had a new perspective on customs, everyday life, and material objects. I was so inspired by the idea of who is the explorer and who is being explored."
Check out the video directed by Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker to glean the artistic voyage behind Pleet's new collection.

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