I'm An Executive Director Of A Nonprofit & Negotiated A $31K Raise

Illustration by Vero Romero
In our series Salary Stories, women with long-term career experience open up about the most intimate details of their jobs: compensation. It’s an honest look at how real people navigate the complicated world of negotiating, raises, promotions, and job loss, with the hope it will give young women more insight into how to advocate for themselves — and maybe take a few risks along the way.
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Age: 32
Current Location: Michigan
Current Industry & Title: Nonprofit, Executive Director
Starting Salary: $40,000 in 2013
Current Salary: $73,000
Number Of Years Employed: 6
Biggest Salary Jump: $48,000 to $73,000 (2018)
Biggest Salary Drop: $52,000 to $40,000 (2014)
Biggest Salary Negotiation Regret: “I regret not negotiating at every stage of my career. I started off negotiating from the start, which was fine, but I haven’t done it at every position. I figured because I started off strong that I was good, but that conversation should have been coming up every time I was promoted as well. Also, I regret not realizing that negotiating included things other than salary, like work-from-home benefits and paid time off.”
Best Salary-Related Advice: “If you’re offered the position, they need you — never forget that. As a woman, I always felt like I shouldn’t go back and ask for more for fear of losing the offer, but as someone who now hires as well, if a position is being offered to you, they want you. The hiring process is not easy, and it’s much easier to have those conversations with someone you’re already willing to hire rather than starting over with someone else.”

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