If You’re Scared Of Retinol, This Cream Is For You

Although most dermatologists would agree that Retinol is the best at-home ingredient to use if you’re looking to combat fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, there are still many people out there who are too afraid to use it or worse, have PTSD from a bad experience. While there are great, less active alternatives out there, like Bakuchiol, nothing gets the job done quite like Retinol. So, what’s a sensitive-skinned beauty enthusiast to do? The answer isn’t about finding another skin-smoothing ingredient to use so much as it is about what you should be using in conjunction with Retinol. At least that’s what SAINT JANE founder Casey Georgeson has concluded, and the reason she created Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair, a new Retinol-based cream that even those who hate Retinol will love. Here’s why.  
In her search to create a product that could deliver Retinol’s “superpowers” without leaving her skin red and irritated, Georgeson discovered that cannabinoids were the answer. But it wasn’t just CBD (aka cannabidiol, a chemical found in the Cannabis sativa plant) that could help calm and nourish the skin while Retinol does its work to increase collagen production on a cellular level. Georgeson found that CBG (aka cannabigerol) combined with CBD was the botanical dynamic duo that could support Retinol’s effects while keeping the skin calm and hydrated. 
“CBG is known as ‘the mother of all cannabinoids’ because all cannabinoids are derived from CBG,” Georgeson tells Refinery29. “CBG is found in very small amounts in most hemp strains, which makes it a very precious raw material and more difficult to extract than other cannabinoids. This potent cocktail in a very high concentration is what makes Sacred Sleep not only unique but also incredibly effective.” 
CBD and CBG have very similar benefits, Georgeson tells me — they both are incredibly anti-inflammatory, they’re effective at soothing irritations, and together, they work to bring the skin to homeostasis. What’s more, CBG is especially great for dehydrated or severely dry skin, helping to reinforce the lipids in our skin barrier. This is great news, since Retinol can cause peeling and possible redness and irritation. 
“By blending Retinol and 1000mg of CBD and CBG together, we've made a product that helps to alleviate ‘Retinol sensitivity’ without sacrificing any of the powerful benefits of either ingredient,” Georgeson says. Scientists back Georgeson's claims. According to a study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum in January, scientists concluded that CBD acts to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, mitigating irritation from Retinol and improving the skin’s appearance.
But how is the product really? Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair is a luxurious night cream that can stand up to any of your favorite fancy moisturizers, but also delivers results like your trusty dermatologist-recommended actives. It has a beautiful creamy texture that absorbs quickly and immediately makes your skin feel hydrated. There is a subtle floral scent to it that smells fresh and calming, but isn't overpowering. I have been using the product over the past month, two to three nights a week (per Georgeson's recommendation) and have noticed my skin's texture and appearance is smoother and brighter and as advertised, I haven't had any real signs of irritation. There was slight peeling during the first week, but no redness or breakouts to report. Simply put, Sacred Sleep works. Will we be seeing the next wave of CBD/CBG and Retinol-packed skin-care formulas coming our way? If this product’s results are any indication, I think yes. May the Retinol weary rejoice.
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