5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Jan 05 2015

Photographed by Winnie Au.
If your after-work jogs are feeling a little slower than usual, fatigue might be to blame — mental fatigue. A recent study showed that runners who had previously spent a long time working on one task (or were otherwise stressed) thought their run felt more difficult. So, try running in the morning to get the most out of those steps. Maybe it will even make those eight-plus hours at the computer seem easier. (Shape)
Have you ever looked down at your toast to see what looks like a face staring back at you? Or maybe you've seen one in an electrical outlet, or on the front of a car? Well, it turns out our brains are really trying to find faces pretty much everywhere we look.
Relationships definitely aren't the easiest thing in the world — to start or to keep up. But, by working on just one aspect of our personalities, we might start to get a lot better at both.
With two new, slightly more health-conscious Girl Scout cookies about to appear, 2015 is already looking pretty sweet. The troops will be introducing a gluten-free option as well as one with protein-rich Greek yogurt bits. (Self)
Test your brain and heart health with a quick balancing act. Research suggests that if you're able to stand on one leg for just 20 seconds, then you're probably not at risk for a potentially dangerous cerebral-vessel condition. (Prevention)

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