Why Group Fitness Classes Are Worth The $$$

Illustrated by Marina Esmeraldo.
Your typical gym is packed with plenty of exercise machines, but there's a growing number of group fitness classes that use bulky equipment, too. From treadmills to ellipticals, and indoor row machines, are there any benefits to signing up for classes instead of using this equipment on your own? Absolutely!
An instructor can teach you challenging new routines and give you feedback on your form. Plus, most boutique studios use high-end versions of the equipment that are more comfortable and can help you get a better workout. For example, CityRow studios in NYC are stocked with water-based row machines instead of the standard air-resistance rowers. “The machines use water to create resistance as you row,” explains Helaine Knapp, founder and CEO of CityRow. This better mimics the feeling of rowing on the water (and here’s a reminder of what that does for the body).
Of course, you’re going to get a good workout no matter what machine you use or whether you use it solo. But, it might be nice to grab a friend and sign up for a new fitness class together.

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