Rough Stuff

Mike & Chris get earth-friendly with their new jewelry collection. By Christina Panas
mikechrisjewelryIt seems natural that having garnered the adulation of the fashion cognoscenti with their line of laid-back men's and women's clothing, design duo Mike & Chris would introduce a collection of handcrafted jewelry to complement their chic West-Coast-born apparel. "With jewelry, it's such an investment…we really felt that we wanted each piece to be trend-free, something we wouldn't ever want to part with," said designer Mike Gonzales. Collaborating with close friend and designer Lucinda Lopez, the team created an abridged selection of elegant, understated baubles for the Holiday '07 season, while the full line debuts this spring.
A road trip along the California coast inspired the line's organic, rough-hewn shapes and textures, reminiscent of sand-smoothed stones and shaded swimming holes. Forged predominantly in solid gold and sterling, the 26-strong collection also includes a smattering of stylish pieces in honey-hued 14-karat gold vermeil: the delicate Tumbleweed bracelet, for example, perfectly captures the line's rough-meets-refined aesthetic. Other pieces are bolder, fashioned in sun-bright yellow or rose gold and feature raw, dappled stones that ignite flashes of color and shine. And much like their urban-earthy leather jackets and relaxed blouses, the Mike & Chris jewelry collection has a well-worn, old-friend appeal—albeit a luxurious one.
The Tumbleweed bracelet by Mike & Chris, $350, will be available in February at Planet Blue, 800 14th Street, Santa Monica, CA; 310-394-0135.
Mike & Chris get earth-friendly with their new jewelry collection.

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