The Most Romantic Date Spots In S.F.

If you happen to currently be in a relationship, you probably fall into one of two categories at this point: You either have your Valentine's Day plans on lock, or you're panicking trying to figure out what to do on Saturday night. Do you go the packed-and-expensive-restaurant route, or opt for something a little more low-key? Ah, the dilemma.

That's where Instagram can provide some much-needed inspiration. And, we've rounded up all of the very best pics for you. From classic S.F. activities, like a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge or a cable car ride, to more surprising ideas, like a Full House-inspired picnic or mural-spotting in the Mission, there's a perfect date for everyone in here. Grab your S.O. and hit the city. We guarantee these photo-worthy spots will have you two lovebirds feeling #blessed the entire time. 

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