Lonely Robert Pattinson Sketches Couture Dresses In His Spare Time

It's been four months since the Robert Pattinson broke up with longtime girlfriend and Twilight costar Kristen Stewart. Nary a rebound has been seen since, if you discount his nonstarter crush on Riley Keough, that is. And now Pattinson has told Harper's Bazaar Arabia that he's ready for a new girlfriend and specifically one who is comfortable with herself. "If someone looks good in their clothes, it's because they are comfortable in their own skin," he told the magazine. "It's literally just like owning it. Oh no! That is so lame, I feel like I am on Project Runway saying 'own that.'"
If that weren't enough of an indication of Pattinson's fashion-forward inclinations, the actor also confessed that he was obsessed with Kate Moss as a kid (surprise?) and now enjoys sketching gowns (uh, surprise!). "It's really embarrassing, I like drawing couture dresses," he told Harper's, suggesting that he could be designing a Fashion Week-ready presentation of his own at some point. Some of us, however, would rather he concentrate on his ongoing collaboration with David Cronenberg instead. Could anyone deliver the line "the rat closed lower today against the Euro" better than RPattz? (E! Online)
rpattzPhoto: Via E! Online

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