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Watch This Influencer Transform Her Curls With 5 Key Products

“I want to be 100% transparent,” confesses René Daniella, content creator and Maui Moisture Curl Squad ambassador. “I didn’t always love my hair. I’ve used relaxers and texturizers all in the vain of hating my natural hair, when all the while it’s absolutely beautiful and stunning.”
And her curls are indeed truly stunning — and they’re on full display in R29’s latest Wash Day video, as René walks us through her twice-a-week routine in preparation for a night out with friends in L.A. First, she starts with an unbeatable super-moisturizing combo: Maui Moisture Curl Quench and Coconut Oil Shampoo + Conditioner, featuring aloe as their hero hydrating ingredient, which not only enhances curls, but detangles them as well. 
Next, René’s styling process: Maui Moisture Flaxseed Curl Defining Mist, an easy-to-spritz hydrator that allows her to stretch her wash day; the Maui Moisture Vanilla Bean Hair Butter, a generous dollop of which can be worked from root to tip for even distribution and added definition; and the Maui Moisture Shea Butter Elongating Gel, a do-not-skip step that she adds to areas that are prone to movement and contact. 
The last step is to wait for her hair to dry and for the products to absorb (she waits by treating it like a self-care step — putting on a playlist, brewing tea, and reading a book) before diffusing it. The result: Luscious, transformative curls that’s, in her words, “truly like magic.” 
“I could not love my hair without the help of the natural hair community,” she says. “We see so many beautiful women. We’re wearing it to the office, however we like, on the covers of magazines, out on the town, as I will be tonight, and we are celebrating it.”
Watch the video, above, to see René's incredibly comprehensive (and transformative) step-by-step Wash Day routine. 

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