2011’s 15 Most Major Fashion Moments

We'll admit it: 2011 was a bumpy ride. And when it came to fashion buzz, there was a lot to talk about. Who crossed the line here, who made us gasp there — it was an outright circus at times. And no, it wasn't all bad news that dominated our water-cooler gossip. We were also gossiping about which collections we couldn't wait to shop and basically every jaw-dropping dress to appear at the Met (both on mannequins and on the red carpet). In case your recollection is a little fuzzy, thanks to all of the holiday fun, we're taking a trip down memory lane and counting down every headline-making fashion story that held us (and you!) captive this year. Let's start at #15, and work our way up. See if you can guess who snagged the #1 spot...
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#15 — If You Thought Jeggings Were Bad, Just Wait For "Stockis" We'll start with the downright scary. Sure, we love pants with some stretch (especially around holiday-indulgence time) but this video is proof that things have gone too far. Forgot about stockis and tacket? Here's a friendly reminder — just remember to say goodbye before 2012.

#14 — Did American Apparel Just Launch Its Most Sexist Ads Ever? You Tell Us (NSFW)

Dov Charney sufficiently creeped us out all year with his pervasive antics, but this ad released in March really made us think: What exactly is American Apparel selling? Duh, it's pleated pants, guys!

#13 — What Models' Feet Look Like After A Month Of Shows Models are gorgeous and gets to traipse around in stunning clothes for a living, but we do NOT envy them one bit after seeing this. Actually, we feel sorry for them and their poor feet. OUCH!
#12 — The Sartorialist Makes More Than $250,000 A Year A picture is worth a thousand words, and even more $$$. We got a glimpse at some of the figures that The Sartorialist Scott Schuman can expect to rack in each year and why he says that "everyone knows not to believe in magazines anymore." Just a little inspiration to get that blog idea you had off the ground.
Photo: Via Just Jared; Via WWD; Courtesy of Suno; Via eCouterre
#11 — McQueen Dream: We Rehash The Met Ball Looks Sorry Oscars, the Met Gala was the red carpet event of the year. We were swooning over these snaps for weeks (and a few times again, after that) after the event, which turned out some particularly stunning McQueen pieces thanks to opening of Savage Beauty.
#10 — More Images From The Versace For H&M Collection We were mad for Lanvin in 2010, but H&M's big 2011 collab made us crazy for the ornately printed, super-sexy, always-opulent Versace collection. Well done, Donatella! We loved scooping up Versace at a mere fraction of the price. Next up, Marni....

#9 — Fashion Week Schedule Battle: The Cities Fight Like Mean Girls
What's Fashion Week without a little bit of drama? Paris, Milan, and New York Fashion Weeks had a bit of a battle of the schedules in October, when looking ahead to the fall '12 shows. Seems like no one was willing to adjust their dates. We totally get it guys; our schedules are pretty packed and inflexible, too.

#8 — New Tool Calculates How Many Slaves Helped To Make Your Stuff Not all things in fashion are beautiful, and unfortunately that point was harshly illustrated by the Slavery Footprint Calculator. If you don't know where the clothes in your closet are coming from (and at whose expense), perhaps it's time to take a second look.
Photo: Via Dailymail; Courtesy of Benetton; Courtesy of Brazilian Blowout; Courtesy of The Lake and Stars

#7 — The Non-Drama Continues: Tons Of Celeb Moms Paint Their Sons' Nails
Jenna Lyons appeared in headlines much earlier this year over some pink nail polish. The President and Executive Creative Director of J.Crew seemed to make many Fox News contributors nervous with the shade of pink her five-year-old son selected for the J.Crew ad featuring the adorable twosome. All in all, we thought it was a bit overdramatized, and as it turns out, there are tons of celeb moms who have no problem letting their sons play in the polish.

#6 — Benetton Reveals Most Provocative Ads Yet: Political Leaders Making Out!
There you are United Colors of Benetton! We were wondering where you were hiding (sort of). Just a few weeks ago, these images put the brand back on the map with it's Unhate Foundation advertisements featuring world leader burying the hatchet and find mutual "mediation" in the form of a good ol' fashioned make-out sesh. Pucker up, Mr. President.

#5 — The Lake & Stars' First-Ever Mother And Daughter Lingerie Shoot We're patting ourselves on the back for blowing the lid off of this one. Just a couple weeks ago, we published this mother/daughter lingerie advertisement — a first as far as we know — from The Lake and Stars. The responses soon flooded in; everything from shock, awe, and disapproval, to praise and applause. Where did you weigh in?

#4 — CA Finds Funeral Home-Worthy Levels Of Formaldehyde In Brazilian Blowouts
After 2011, we have much reason to keep our hair au naturel. In April, popular smoothing serum, Brazilian Blowout, was put on blast for containing nearly 8% formaldehyde, about the same amount found in embalming fluid. WHAT?!

Photo: Courtesy of Target; Via The Sun

#3 — Sorry, Shoppers: Missoni For Target Crashes, Leaves Us Hanging
One of fashion's biggest family-run business teamed with the modern family's go-to one-shop stop this year in the Missoni for Target collab. However, after teaser upon teaser of the insanely anticipated collection, the traffic to the Target website lead to a major crash no later that 10 a.m. on the morning of the launch. We're still spotting Missoni for Target on eBay priced at incredibly inflated rates, and our dreams of owning that awesome chevron blanket have been thoroughly crushed. Le sigh.

#2 — John Galliano's Racist Rant Was Caught On Video, Designer Declares: "I Love Hitler" Say what?! John Galliano was sadly the biggest fashion villain of 2011, following the video release of his anti-Semitic rant that lead to his defame, defile, and eventual dismissal from Dior, very shortly before their fall '11 presentation. We're still waiting for confirmation as to who will take over the position held by the once-highly-respected designer.
#1 — Kate Middleton On Her Wedding Day: Long Live McQueen
Hello numero uno! Whether or not you woke up at 5 a.m. to watch the complete coverage of the Royal Wedding (full disclosure: we did), this was the dress heard around the world. From keeping Sarah Burton as incognito as possible, pre-ceremony, to theory upon theory regarding what the gown would look like, in the end we were not surprised that Kate Middleton chose McQueen's successor as her wedding dress designer. Perhaps a world away from us, but we will still credit this fashion moment as #1 in 2011. Look for it in the history books, kids!

Photo: Via WWD

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