What Are We Thankful For? YOU!

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We'll be blunt: Putting yourself and your words out there on the Internet can be hard. Fellow readers can be brutal and insensitive, or worse, your labor of love gets totally ignored. So, lucky for us, we have some friends out there. We're talking about you, commenters.
We love you all — even the mean ones, because to quote Anderson Cooper, you're keeping us honest. But, we thought, on this Day of Thanks, we would call out a few special names who mean a lot to us.
Drum roll, please! After extensive polling of R29 staff members, these are the top ten commenters (from the site itself, and from Facebook) who make our days just that much better:
sam_the_cat: Thank you for being relentlessly positive, even when critiquing our spelling mistakes.
kneelbeforetigers: First of all, what does that username mean? Second of all, thank you for getting all of our references, and generally being a smarty pants.
misson_dog: You may not always like what we do, but you always tell it like it is, and we appreciate that. Oh, and when you do like us, you defend us to no end.
cattifer: Why are these all animal-related names? Are we showing our bias? Doesn't matter. You're a star, and you always pop out of the woodwork at the right moment.
Lola Del Rey: Thanks for the insightful comments, and for bringing up points we had never thought of. Keep it going, you!
Anastasia D.: Your comments are so in-depth, they could be their own articles.
Casey Sandusky: Thank you for being the voice of reason during frenzied Facebook discussions on so many topics, particularly body image issues, women's rights, and health care. Even when you're telling us we suck, we kind of like it.
Chewapuwa Likayi: You always add a new perspective to our own, whether you're chiming in on a beauty review or a political piece. Your voice makes our content that much richer.
Betsy Kroon: Our unofficial, comment-based copy editor, you are a constant supporter and just a generally happy presence. We want to hug you.
Mary South: To our knowledge, you're not a regular commenter. But, you still get a mention, because of this singularly wonderful snippet on this post.

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