This Clever Video Counts Down The Days In One Woman’s Entire Life

On average, humans are currently living for about 71 years. Or, as a new Reebok campaign puts it, 25,915 days — each one full of potential. But if you need a little help getting out there to carpe each and every diem, the brand's clever new video (above) may be just the motivation you're after. It traces the life of one woman backwards, counting how many days she has left as she runs throughout various stages of her life. That 25,915 figure might sound like a lot, but how we use those days matters. A Reebok study released alongside the video suggests that we'll spend less than 1% of that on fitness — despite its myriad mental and physical benefits. On the flip side, the company found that we'll end up spending an average of 41% of our lives dealing with technology. Kind of makes you want to try going for a run without your handy tracking app. If you're feeling curious (and/or morbid), you can calculate how many days you have left with Reebok's Count Your Days clock tool. What you decide to do with them is your call — and the countdown has officially begun.

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