Rate The Runway, Round 2: Best All-Over Color

Welcome to Rate The Runway! If you're all about Fashion Week—you know, stalk Anna Wintour, rip-the-clothes-right-off-the-models obsessed—channel your enthusiasm into our new contest that lets you rate outfits as they come off the catwalk. Here's the lowdown on how it works: From 9/12 to 9/30 we'll have 30 rounds of Rate The Runway—two rounds per day! Each round will have a different theme, which can be anything from "Best Girls' Night Outfit" to "Best Statement Jewelry We'd Rob A Bank For." Cast your vote by simply clicking on which image you think best interprets the theme—you get 10 points for every round you enter, 10 points for liking each round on Facebook, and 10 points if you happen to chose the winning image. If you miss some, don't worry! You can go back at any time and vote in any rounds you might have missed until the whole contest is over. We'll tally up the scores in the end and dish out some seriously sweet prizes to the winners, so what are you waiting for? Get clicking!
Round 2: Shock Your System With All-Over Color
Wearing one shade from head to toe might not always be for the faint of heart (considering you could very easily end up looking like a giant vegetable), but the look packs a huge impact and shows you know your stuff when it comes to fashion. From a fresh and clean light pink to bold red, check out these six outfits and chose which one you'd love to wear top-to-bottom.