15 Ways To Make Even The Worst Day At Work Better

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
It's Friday, and not only is it officially summer, a lot of the news this week is terrible. (FYI, here's one way to do something about it.) A rough week at work is a good time to think about the small things that can make a hard work day into a better one. We spend so much of our lives at work, and it's easy to forget that we do have some power to make our work environments a little more positive for the people we see day in and day out.
Need some ideas? Here are 15 ways that people have made their coworkers think, laugh, and exclaim in delight.
Gifting coffee is a great way to start, first thing in the morning.
Or during the day on break time.
Maybe you keep your work crew in mind, even when you're on vacation.
Or think highly of their ability to absorb a caffeine punch.
Or think of really unique ways to compliment a colleague's coffee accoutrement.
Some coworkers do their best to make their colleagues feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.
Others give compliments and show their appreciation for a job well done.
Even if that employee is a dog.
(Dogs can be really great at their jobs, too.)
Maybe you're all about exchanging valuable professional advice.
Or one of you takes on extra work when you know a colleague needs time to regroup.
Or you helpfully remind your coworker which language to speak if they live that multilingual life.
Buying lunch for each other during a time crunch is always extra thoughtful.
As is gifting a pricey bed set.
But not all gifts have to cost anything. Sometimes a kind, "sweet" note will do.
Or simply taking someone else's concerns to heart.

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