When It Comes To Power, It Looks Like The Queen Has Kate Middleton Beat

This week, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour released their power list. The top 100 list of the most powerful women in Great Britain today. And guess who came out first? Her Majesty.
As the Queen doesn’t give interviews, we can only imagine what this accolade must mean to her. But, it's also interesting who didn’t make the cut. Yes, Kate Middleton, seemingly the epicentre of the gossip universe, was notably absent from the list.
Why is that, you ask? Journalist Eve Pollard, who was a part of the judging panel explained the reasoning behind this exclusion, “Most women on our list were judged to have power because they had reached a place where they have control – of policy, of direction, of influence, of staff”.
This explains why Stella McCartney, Adele, Victoria Beckham, and Tracey Emin made the list. Powerful women each and every one of them. And as for Kate, we can see her making the cut in the not too distant future. (BBC)

Photo: Via The British Monarchy

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