Want Nails That Ooze? There's A Sticker For That

Remember a few months back when we asked you about nail art that extended down onto your fingers? Our initial response was this was a nail art trend more bad than rad, but leave it to none other than Rad Nails themselves to make us re-consider our initial "no effing way" judgement.
The company responsible for making your dream of wearing Ryan Gosling's face on your nails a reality (that sounded way creepier out loud than it did in our heads) has released a cool "dripping" nail tattoo, just in time for Halloween.
The stickers come in black and red, and are spookily reminiscent of dripping blood. Checking out the Rad Nails blog, we were intrigued to see that they can also be used on the fingers, which, if you match your polish to the sticker, gives the appearance that the polish is trickling off the nail and onto the hand. We wonder if the sticker will last longer on the skin than regular nail polish would, or if it would feel itchy and annoying. If not, we can definitely see us sporting this cool look tomorrow — and quite possibly beyond All Hallows Eve.
What do you think of these dripping digits?
Photo: Courtesy of Rad Nails

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