Meet THE Jersey Girl: (Now Plus-Size) Designer Rachel Pally

Let’s not lie to ourselves: If there was a way to stay in our soft, cozy PJs all day but not look like total schlubs, we’d do it. While the majority of lounge-to-live wear still looks like you’ve given up on life (ahem, PajamaJeans), there is one designer who has heard our plea for comfy-chic clothes — Rachel Pally.
Pally’s love of supple, flowing cloth is more than obvious, considering the material is the basis of almost all of her stylish designs; from sleek jumpsuits to elegant gowns, every piece is crafted from a super-soft and flattering jersey textile. Pally realized the versatility of the forgiving fabric and eventually launched a plus-size line, the White Label, which is filled with the same beautiful maxi-dresses and trendy prints that are available in her smaller sizes.
Armed with the knowledge that inclusive fashion is the future of the industry, Pally’s demonstrating not only her design skills, but also her incredible business acumen. So, throw away your sad old Snuggies, and slip your curves (whatever size they may be) into one of Pally’s flattering frocks!

How did you get into designing your line?
"I studied dance at UC Berkeley and had to work in the costume shop for my degree. I fell in love with making dance costumes. I loved the way you had to think about a woman’s body and the way she moves in order to make a garment just right. After that, I started making clothes for my friends and myself. I sold some dresses to a gallery/boutique in Los Angeles, and it picked up from there!"

What made you decide to design both a plus-size line & a straight-size line?
"I was receiving wonderful accolades about my line being perfect for all women — but it really wasn’t! It only fit up to a size 8/10. So, I felt like the obvious next step was to add a plus-size line. I felt like there was a hole in the market for current, sexy, contemporary clothes for plus-sized women."

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Pally

Who would be your ideal client to design for?
"I design for all women — all ages, all bodies, and all personal styles — there is something for everyone! I love how differently women can wear the same dress and each bring their own style to it!"

What type of woman embodies Rachel Pally?
"Any woman with grace, ease, and confidence. A woman who loves to be both glamorous and casual."

Where do you find your design inspiration?
"Everywhere — women I know, women I see on the street, books I read, movies I see, museums I visit, places I travel to — one can find inspiration everywhere."

What celebrities would you love to see wearing Rachel Pally?
"I’ve been lucky to have built a wonderful celebrity following over the years — everyone from Angelina to Beyoncé to Sarah Jessica Parker to Oprah! It has been amazing!"

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Pally


What do you think of the current plus-size fashion industry?
"I think that it’s so much better than it was when I started my white label collection in 2007. There are so many great brands offering plus sizes now and so many dedicated plus-size lines. There are tons of stylish and sexy options now. It’s great!"

What makes Rachel Pally different from any other line?
"You can look fabulous and feel like you’re wearing pajamas!"

Do you plan to eventually offer swimwear for plus-sizes?
"I don’t have it in the pipeline just yet but I never say never!"

What future trends can we expect from Rachel Pally?
"I’m looking forward to the jewel tones and animal prints for fall. It’s always my favorite season."

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Pally

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