How Rachel Antonoff Discovered The Secret To Small-Business Success

produced by Anna Lauren Farrell.
From the outside looking in, the business of fashion looks as glamorous as the fashion itself. But not everything is as it seems. Take it from fashion designer Rachel Antonoff, who finds herself wearing many hats at her small company. It’s not all about sketching and producing ready-to-wear collections; her finances play an integral part in her business, too.
Instead of letting her small-business management void her of creativity, Antonoff uses Intuit’s full suite (QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint) for easy — and fun — money management. Intuit even helps Antonoff get a hold of her personal finances (who knew pet expenses could be so stressful?). At the end of the day, this organizational help gives Antonoff the time and space she needs to dream up the designs we’re all going to wear next season. Above, we partnered with Intuit for a closer look into Antonoff’s brand.

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