Your Favorite '90s Toy Just Got A MAJOR Upgrade

The bestselling toy of all time might get a major upgrade: researchers over at Columbia University have created a software that can turn anything into a Rubik's Cube puzzle. Anything.

First, the software takes a 3-D model of an object of your choice. Then, an algorithm determines the "good rotation axes," pinpointing parts of the object that might collide and correcting them into a functional, rotating puzzle.

Next, the software converts the 3-D model into parts to construct your very own twisty puzzle — which you can 3-D print and assemble. Imagine the possibilities: A tiny necklace pendant that doubles as a game would be great for a slow train ride. Sounds simple enough, if you have access to the software AND a 3-D printer.

Watch the video explaining the process below, and see Rubik's cube toys shaped like chess pieces, armadillos, and bunny rabbits in action.


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