Quelle Coiffure! The Craziest Hair Creations From Japanese Fashion Week

The Land of the Rising Sun may be losing its grip on the title for best car manufacturer, but the Japanese will always reign supreme in the wacky headgear realm. New York's runways were fairly subdued this year as far as crowns and coifs go, but Japanese designers focused on making the neck up just as interesting as the collarbone down (and in some cases more so). From bear-eared helmets to a three-tiered cake, here are the craziest hair and hat creations from Japanese Fashion Week.
Everlasting Sprout and Somarta both turned to the animal kingdom for inspiration. Everlasting Sprout took cute bear-eared children's caps and turned them into battle-ready helmets, while the models at Somarta looked devious with pigtails sculpted into ram horns.
Deep cuts were at work at Kamishima and In Process, where stylists appeared to have hedge clippers and razors in their arsenals. Kamishima Chinami's models wore super thick, bluntly cut wigs, resembling both a topiary and an extremely angular French poodle. In Process one-upped the half-shaved look popularized by Alice Dellal by applying some decorative paper over the bald spot.
At Mint Designs, models wore what appeared to be architectural models of forthcoming Santiago Calatrava constructions, while Aguri Sagimori used Geordi La Forge-style eye visors adorned with black butterflies.
Other designers opted for a more natural look. Fabiola Arias used objects found in nature, from branches of coral to seed pods to this delicately composed bird's nest. And even men weren't immune to the attack of the hat, as demonstrated by a twig-wreathed model at Yoshio Kubo.
And to top off this smorgasbord of manes and millinery—dessert! Jazzkatze featured tall, cotton-candy flat-tops, and one model at the Fur Fur show wore a birthday cake atop her head. No word as to whether these confectionary coifs are actually made of edible materials, but we're feeling a sugar rush nonetheless.

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