Save The Planet (& Your Wallet) With These New Shampoos

We're very big on the waste not, want not adage around here — we think beauty products should be good until the very last drop. Problem is, sometimes it's really hard to get that last smidgen of product out of its container — we've tried everything from scooping it out with our pinkie finger to violently thwacking the bottle against our hands in a desperate effort to get at what's left of our fave cream or conditioner.
That's why we're so appreciative of Pureology's new Zero Waste packaging: It's specifically designed to expunge every last ounce of shampoo and conditioner out of the bottle. You can get more than 70 shampoos from just one tube! As an added bonus, all of the packaging is 100% recyclable, and the ingredients are entirely vegan and organic. Save the Earth with a shower? It might just be possible...

Photo: Via Pureology

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