We Want To Know Who’s Actually Buying This Facebook Shower Curtain

It feels like Facebook can never offer any real privacy. After all, nothing that once existed on the social networking site ever really dies. Makes you feel a little exposed, right? Well, somebody out there is taking that exposure to a whole new level. There's now a Facebook-inspired product out there that requires you to bare it all.
Introducing the Facebook shower curtain. No, we’re not kidding. London-based gift design company Spinning Hat sells this quirky shower curtain in the form of a giant-sized profile page complete with a transparent square for your face (duh) and status updates.
At first glance, we assumed there was no way this could be a real thing. But after some further research, it turns out there are a whole bunch of Facebook-loving products out there, like this “like” bra and this “Keep Calm and Creep On” iPhone case.
But what we want to know is this: Would you ever consider buying some of these products?
facebook showe curtain - thumb

Photo: Via Spinning Hat.

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