This Woman Got Pregnant From Having Anal Sex

First, it’s important to know that the chances of getting pregnant from anal sex are slim, but not zero. This anal sex primer can answer a lot of questions. That said, in this rare case, a woman actually did get pregnant from having anal sex. Urologist Brian Steixner, MD, with the Jersey Urology Group, witnessed the rare pregnancy case himself while attending medical school. The pregnant woman was born with a condition termed a cloacal malformation. As Women’s Health explains, “When she was born, she didn’t have a urethra, vagina, and anus. She just had one hole, called a cloaca.” Related: 7 Crazy Stories About Twins That Will Have You Asking “What The F*ck?

Typically, doctors are able to repair this condition at birth, but for this woman it did not work out as planned. “Either the surgery was botched or in response to the trauma of surgery, her body formed a fistula (an abnormal connection between organs),” Women’s Health describes, “and her uterus fused to her rectum.” Related: 5 Very Bad Things That Can Happen To Your Vagina In Old Age

The surgery is complex, too. “Building the walls to separate the three passages [the urethra, vagina, and rectum] is delicate work,” Dr. Steixner notes. “The longer the walls need to be built, the closer surgeons get to the urethral and anal sphincters.” The good news is that the woman had a C-section and gave birth to a healthy baby. But, that doesn’t mean things are now worry-free. Dr. Steixner mentions, “Some women suffer from leakage of urine and stool their entire lives. It’s a huge psychological and quality of life issue.” Click through to Women’s Health for more about this rare case. (Women’s Health) Related: I Had Sex For 23 Years And Never Orgasmed — Until I Tried This Trick

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