15 Things On People’s Pre-Parent Bucket Lists

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I've never had kids, but I have been one, and that alone has given me reason to believe it's quite a lot of work. From what I've been told, I would start screaming the moment I woke up, spend the day chasing our cats and getting scratched, and refuse to eat anything other than chicken nuggets and ketchup. Honestly, not too much has changed, which is why I know I'm nowhere near ready to have children of my own.
Turns out, I'm not alone. Women are waiting until much later than ever to start having kids for reasons like financial stability and focusing on their careers. We at R29 decided to go straight to the source, asking women (and men!) what is holding them back from starting a family. Through a small survey (and scouring forums on Reddit), we found some pretty diverse results.
In some cases, those who responded are years away from children. Others are already pregnant and counting down those last days of independence. Ahead are 15 things on people's pre-parent bucket lists.

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