The Best Brands To Re-Sell (By State!), According To Poshmark

Some things always go hand in hand with the start of a new year: A fresh haircut, a fresh outlook, and, of course, a closet clean-out. After all, you've been meaning to go through your wardrobe since well before Christmas, and if you're going to make room for all those new trends to shop this year, something's gotta go. As fun as it is to swap clothes and give your cast-offs to a well-deserving bestie, it's also nice to get yourself a little cash bonus by re-selling those pieces you no longer want to someone who, well, does.
If you've ever tried to sell your closet cast-offs to a consignment or buy-sell-trade store, you're also familiar with (dun, dun, dun) — rejection. Nothing knocks you off of your "I'm rich!" high horse quicker than when that cashier tells you none of your clothes are what said store is "currently buying," and you have to sadly leave with your five garbage bags and Google the nearest Goodwill. And, selling online is no different. On re-sell platforms like Depop or Poshmark, if you put in the work to photograph and upload the pieces, you want some return. Often, instead of rolling in the dough, you're left refreshing your app and hoping someone, anyone bites.
Luckily, Poshmark, the largest social marketplace for fashion, is here to help you hit your big break this re-sale season — don't forget January is the busiest resale month of the year — with its official list of the top brands and items that will get you the most cash right now. The company gathered data from its 3 million sellers across the country (n.b.d.), revealing some interesting intel along the way: The South is the region with the most closets, while the Northeast has a taste for designer jeans. And as far as reselling goes, you might want to kiss some of that Everlane, Supreme, or Hunter goodbye if you're trying to make a quick buck this January.
Below, you’ll find the infographic, unveiling the top brands and categories people are listing in their closets from coast-to-coast, and the hottest brands that will make you the most money in 2018. Here's to re-padding that savings account post-holiday gift shopping sprees.