Get Low! How To Perfect Your Plié Squat

openingslidePhotographed By Lauren Perlstein.
These days, it seems like everyone is focusing their fitness energy where it really counts — that's to say, the butt. So, while we've brought you butt-sculpting moves in the past, for this edition of Back to Basics we wanted to take the booty exercises to the next level with the "Drop It Low Plié Squat" a.k.a. the "stripper" squat.
We asked Katia Pryce, creator of KPDanceBody and dancer extraordinaire, to school us in the thigh-strengthening, core-engaging move that is the plié squat. It's a must-try exercise that combines the fluidity and posture of dance with some serious glute engagement. Click through to see a step-by-step on how to up your squat game.
Gap Fit top; Lululemon leggings; Urban Outfitters Out From Under Sports Mesh Bra, $24, available at Urban Outfitters; adidas Climacool shoes, $110, available at adidas.
1Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
Start with your shoulders back, in a strong stance with an engaged core.
Your feet should be in first position, and your palms should be facing the ground, as shown.
2Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
Lifting your heels off of the ground, begin to bend your knees and bring your arms to chest-level.
Your knees should track directly over your feet.
3Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
Bring your arms up above your head while going deeper into the squat.
Make sure to pay attention to your posture! Keep that core engaged all the way down.
4Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
Now go lower! Those last inches will really pack a punch. You'll be feeling the burn in your thighs and glutes.
5Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
In a controlled motion, begin making your way back up to your first position while bringing your arms down.
6Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
Continue to lower your arms and return to your first position. Click through to see the move in motion!
R29Fitness_Shot5_DropItLowPliet_008Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
Keep dropping it! Katia recommends shooting for 15 plié squats (or do it until your legs burn). Enjoy this fun, fresh way to spice up your squat routine.

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