Plastic Bodega Bags, Done Up As Real, Leather Handbags

Plastic bodega bags are a ubiquitous presence in everyday life: Stashed under your kitchen sink, littering your car and bedroom, and artfully flying in the breeze. Lots of eco-minded folks have made good on reducing this plastic by creating reusable, bring-with-you bags, to much acclaim. But Cast of Vices has one-upped them all: Leather totes that are dead-ringers for corner-store plastic bags. The lambskin carry-alls are hand-embossed and available in four bodega stand-bys: “I heart NY,” the “have a nice day” smiley face, the exponential “thank you,” and the understated, ever-present recycle/safety notice. It’s a significant upgrade from the pollutant plastic, and the price reflects this, hovering in the neighborhood of $200 for both the large and small sizes. Pricey, yes, but these luxe leather bags are probably the coolest way to “do your part” that we’ve seen yet. (American Rag)

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