One Move For Killer Abs

Looking to kick off a new fitness routine or enhance your current workout? Our
60 Seconds To Fit video series is here to help. This short clip, produced in coordination with ABC’s Quantico (watch a new episode Sunday at 10/9c), breaks down exactly how to do a plank jump. And if you’re feeling particularly strong, there’s a bonus for your obliques.
Once you’ve mastered the perfect plank, it’s time to amp up the tried-and-true core strengthener in a way that seriously sculpts your middle. “This variation works all of your abdominal muscles — your transverse abdominis, external obliques, and rectus abdominis — and to a lesser degree, your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and back,” says trainer Franklin Henderson of Stronger and Company LLC. Alignment and form, not speed or height, are priority here. Keep your shoulders over your wrists, your hips at the same height as your shoulders, and your head and shoulders in a neutral position. Should jumping cause any discomfort or your form to suffer, try performing the plank with a twist, turning from your abs while your toes remain planted on the floor. Start with 45 seconds of plank jumps, gradually working your way up to 2 minutes. Gap Body bra, Nike leggings, C9 by Champion sneakers.

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