8 Outside-The-Box Pizza Crust Ideas That Are Surprisingly Healthy & Delicious

Photo: Courtesy of Jo Cooks.
Pizza is life. But what's a true za-lover to do when gluten happens to be the enemy? Turn to alternative crusts, of course! Now before you completely write our suggestion off as a complete defacing of this cheesy, saucy namesake, consider the following: Alternative crust options are highly customizable (from a myriad of veggies to even quinoa and oat-based), simpler to make from scratch than most doughs (no rise-waiting time and sometimes fewer ingredients altogether), and actually very wide ranging in flavor profiles (think a roasted beet pie with creamy crumbles of goat cheese or a black bean crust pie with delicately roasted butternut squash).
So regardless of your relationship, or lack thereof, with gluten (whether due to dietary restrictions or choice) sometimes switching things up in your pizza oven is just fun. Scroll on for eight easy alternative za options; some are gluten-free, others are a fun way to try a new take on your usual pie, and all are 100% delectable.

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