This New 3-In-1 Cleanser Is Seriously Incredible

Since using Pixi's cult classic Glow Tonic for the first time almost six months ago, I've often wondered why the brand hasn't ventured farther into the world of skin care. The alcohol-free toner, which is beloved by just about every editor and blogger I know, is an incredible mixture of exfoliating and hydrating ingredients that my face actually craves. Seriously, it works so well with my skin that when I traveled without it for four days in November, I started noticing some bumpy texture — rest assured I haven't parted with it since.

So when I found out that Pixi was debuting a line of skin-care products, I flipped. The cleanser was my first product on my To Try list. I wash my face in two steps: first with an oil cleanser, which removes all of my waterproof makeup; then I use a clarifying cleanser to remove the oily residue. When it comes to cleansing oils, I'll pretty much use anything that removes my mascara quickly. For my second cleanse, I require that my product not only removes oil and dirt from my skin, but hydrates in the process. Pixi's Glow Mud Cleanser does all this and more.

The product has a gritty, paste-like consistency that gently exfoliates as you rub it onto damp skin. Once you add more water, the cleanser emulsifies and turns into a slightly milky lather that washes away easily. I use it morning and night, because it cleans my skin effectively without making it feel tight and dry. And although it isn't technically a mask, sometimes I smooth it onto dry skin and leave it for five to 10 minutes, so that the glycolic acid and mud in the formula can detoxify and exfoliate my skin before I wash it off.

I'm happy to report that I've been using this product for nearly two weeks and I haven't experienced a single breakout. Plus, at $18, this cleanser is a total steal, especially given that it's an exfoliant and cleanser (and if you follow my lead, a mask, too) in one convenient tube. Jury's still out on the rest of the Pixi skin-care line, but after trying (and loving) this fella, I have high hopes.

Glow Mud Cleanser, $18, available at Pixi Beauty.

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