Pisces Love Horoscope – May 2016

That same old love just isn't going to do it for you this May, Pisces. Nope, variety is the spice of your love life, as planets pulse through your curious, experimental third house. Forget what your mama told you about talking to strangers. You could make a love connection at the dog park, yoga studio, or waiting in line — especially on the 6th, 10th, and 13th. Whatever you're into, just get out more often, because that's how you'll meet like-minded souls. Coupled Pisces, fill your shared calendar with road trips and hangouts with your mutual friends. Socializing as a pair will seal your bond. If you've been ruminating over an ex, clarity comes quickly when truth-bearer Jupiter snaps out of retrograde on the 9th. This could also help you bury the hatchet on a lovers' quarrel. Speak your truth; then move on. Forgiving bae means that you won't get to bring up that subject over and over. You'll be ready to settle down again after the 20th, when the sun drifts into Gemini and your domestic zone for a month. Cooking dinner, cuddling on the couch, even adopting a pet together would be pure bliss. The nice ones also don't have to finish last anymore. In fact, you'll prefer them as May winds down. Another key ingredient to romantic success? Having great friends to support you along the way. Make time for your girls, and your love life will magically come back into balance.
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