Your Beauty Forecast May 2016

What a lucky month to be in love! Literally. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, dances a passionate paso doble with romantic goddess Venus, opening hearts everywhere. In technical terms, the two planets form an auspicious 120-degree angle called a trine, which only happens a few times (if that) each year. May 10 is the official date of the trine, and the effects can be felt for a few days before and after.
Jupiter is the cosmic gambler and supersizer. Whatever it beams on gets bigger — well, make that massive. If you're feeling the love, there's no holding back now. May could bring a flurry of fast engagements, key exchanges, and elopements. Jet-setting Jupiter also sparks cross-cultural attractions and vacation romances. Couples should definitely travel together in May, especially when Jupiter ends its retrograde after the 9th. Of course, this all comes with a downside. Lovers' quarrels will get inflamed by the planet’s truth serum. Thankfully, diplomatic Venus can help you address touchy topics without losing your cool. Buckle up; May will be quite the ride.
With Venus and Jupiter in harmony, this month is full of optimism and fun. Let your beauty look reflect that with light, fresh, springtime vibes. Two-Toned Tips
With winter officially gone (praise hands), it's time to once again break out your spring shades. The easiest place to inject some color into your look? Your nails. Don’t worry; we’re not talking about complicated nail art that requires an advanced degree in geometry. Or, you know, steady hands. This two-toned design uses contrasting colors and a simple sticker technique for a fun, modern take on the French manicure. (And there are always cotton swabs if you color outside the lines.) Click play above for the steps. Then break out your boldest shades. Lash Love
When keeping your makeup soft and light, pick just one feature to make dynamic. In this case: look-at-me lashes (all the better for batting at your special someone). For the effect seen here, double up on mascara by choosing two different formulas to reap the benefits of both. First apply a defining mascara. Then, before moving on to the next eye (while your lashes are still wet), apply a volumizing mascara. Keep everything else soft and light with coral blush on the apples of your cheeks and a soft-pink matte lip. Pro Tip:
Use multiple mascaras with differing wand shapes for extra dramatic lashes.
Soft Focus
Dreamy pastels and diffused metallics work for any event the zodiac has in store for you this month. First anchor your look with a barely there, natural-looking foundation application. Use a sponge applicator to draw dashes of foundation down the center of your face. Then, blend the product up and out with your fingertips. (Remember: Less is more.) Add ethereal touches of highlighter atop the cheekbones, beneath your browbones, and on the inner corners of your eyes. Use a fluffy shadow brush to apply metallic gold shadow to each lid, through the crease, and along your lower lashline — really diffusing and blending the shadow for a softer, blurred look. Finish the eyes with mascara. Finally, add rosy touches by brushing pink blush into the hollows of your cheeks and applying a matte pink lip color. Cat-Eye 2.0

May is typically a time to revamp and refresh your wardrobe. Why not do the same for your makeup routine by putting a new spin on a tried-and-true beauty look? For this updated cat-eye, sweep a dusty-purple shadow over each lid, winging the shadow out slightly at the outer corner. Blend that same shade along your lower lashline, and use a deep-purple liquid liner to trace along your upper lashline and through your crease. Continue drawing this line out into a cat-eye shape that lines up with the tail end of your brow. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Then, blend pink cream blush over the apples of your cheeks, and swipe on pale-pink lipstick to finish.
Video Directed by Liam Le Guillou; Photographed by Nick Eucker; Styled by Laura Pritchard; Hair by Peter Matteliano at Kate Ryan; Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Nails by Yuki Miyakawa at Kate Ryan; Set Design by Hans Maharawal; Modeled by Raquel for Red Model Management, Sofie for Women 360 Management and Adele for Parts Models; All products by Revlon.