These Are The Top Spring Salads On Pinterest

Salads are the crisp, fresh food mascots of spring. Energizing and completely customizable, from dressings to toppings, you can chop and toss them to fit your every mood. Just add nuts, berries, veggies, grains, or cheeses to your leafy greens and the possibilities are endless.

Lacking spring salad inspo? No worries, our Pinterest peeps have got you covered with their top salad recipes of the season. Check out the following recipes and get ready to mix up some seriously scrumptious greens.
This recipe covers all your spring salad bases with berries, nuts, and some fresh Feta cheese.

2. Spring Chicken Salad Toasts
For a heartier meal, just add toast and enjoy!

3. Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Who says that salads have to be green? This pasta salad recipe looks fresh, crunchy, and veggielicious.

4. Chicken Cranberry Sunflower Salad
Adding protein to your leafy greens can weigh them down, but this shredded chicken recipe keeps the mix light — and packed with protein.

5. Asparagus, Tomato, & Feta Salad
This dish is the perfect veggie-centric addition to any spring dinner.

6. Lemon Herb Zucchini Noodle Salad
Try zoodles instead of lettuce for a lunchtime win.

7. Harvest Israeli Couscous Salad
Make this crunchy couscous ahead of time and store in the fridge for a fast, fresh meal, anytime.

8. Italian Sub Salad
Now this is a salad we can really get behind. Switch things up and try deconstructing your favorite sandwiches.

9. Roasted Beet, Spinach, & Goat Cheese Salad
Sweet beets and creamy goat cheese are the perfect additions to leafy spinach.


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