Are You ‘That Girl’ On Pinterest?

The ever-eloquent Emma Stone once explained Pinterest this way: “It’s basically like a mood board online, and you can build your dream life…and then, your life is sad because it doesn’t look like that.”
For those of us who are in deep on Pinterest, truer words have never been spoken. But it doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. We heavy users know that, among the huddled masses (huddled over our laptops, that is), distinct factions emerge — squads, if you will. You’ve no doubt spotted some of their acolytes: There are the slow-cooker-recipe people, the inspirational-quote addicts, the secret wedding planners... And they all fall into one of five categories.
Dare to find out which Pin-party you belong to? Click through, and let us know your tribe in the comments.

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