Meet The Ladies Of Pinterest & Tour Their Rad HQ

We all have our choice remedies for zenning out. Some might fancy a spa day, others a long walk. But, for us, the fastest route to our happy place is just a pin away. Pinterest has quickly become our much-loved playful portal into discovering new DIYs, recipes, style cues, and more.
So much, in fact, we thought we’d venture over the quirky SoMa HQ to get the scoop straight from the gals who build the site themselves. Impressed yet? We tapped five rockstar pinners (three of them talented engineers) to show us around their super cool offices and let’s just say it’s nothing shy of the color-soaked boards we've come to love, IRL. From the snazzy bar to hot-air balloons galore, get that pin button hot and ready — here’s Pinterest like you’ve never seen it before.