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Our trusty photographer takes on Milan Fashion Week lens first.
Back for an encore Diary delivery, our intrepid lensman friend Pete Miszuk ventured on to Milan this week (Fashion Week never ends!). Here, he recounts his adventures for us and admits that he had to work extra hard this time to make it fun (according to Pete, "Milan is boring!"). Well, from these shots, it sure doesn't look it. The shows, the streets, a strip club... Pete's wild adventures all chronicled here.
"The mountains between France and Italy, taken on my seven-and-a-half hour journey by train to Milan."
"So, while in London, my friend told me she was going to be shooting a story and needed a club in Paris. I thought of Le Baron. Alas, it was closed for renovations, but they had a new place they were about to open called Regines. My interest was piqued when I heard Stephen Shore (Warhol Factory days, teacher at Bard now) was shooting it. I'm on a Plane to Paris leaving London two days early, then via train to Milan."
Left: "Ms. Wintour and Mr. Leon-Talley en route to Prada." Right: "Scott 'The Sartorialist' Schuman with Elle's Kate Lanphear."
Left: "Perfect Milan cool." Right: "Model Stephanie Carta mugs outside of Jil Sander."
"Karl rolling up to Fendi with his bodyguard."
Left: "Milan get so boring that Scott [Schuman] and I spent 10 minutes during Blugirl running up the side of the Velodrome, taking pictures until an Italian security guard yelled at us. This was best of the lot." Right: "Paris Gare de Lyon station where within the first 10 minutes of being there a gypsy tried to pick my pocket and failed."
"Milan is an odd place…you have to make your own fun here, and Black is the king color in a city that takes a half hour to get anywhere that would take just ten minutes to walk. My days are spent on crowed sidewalks and in traffic jams that erupt from the shows; nights are spent either at the Principe Di Savoia drinking in a old world bar where the bartenders will try their hardest to prevent you from having fun to even later nights at strip clubs where you take over the dance floor from the girls. The only salvation is the Pig Magazine party at the end of the week filled with all these kids that make you wonder where they are during the day?"
Left: "Model Hanne Gaby strikes a pose on the street between shows." Right: "Purple's Oliver Zahm outside at Burberry."
"Roisin Murphy in the lobby of the Principe Di Savoia."
Left: "A model waits for a cab after a show." Right: "Outside at Gucci."
"The bar at the new Regines Paris—brought to you by the owners of Le Baron and the Beatrice."
Left: "Photographer Stephen Shore shooting at Regines." Right: "Leigh Lezark of the Misshapes DJing the Hogan store opening."
"The scene at the Principe Di Savoia bar."
"Ladyhawke playing the Pig magazine party."
"The dress code for the Pig party was rock star."
"Back on the train to Paris, I go."
To see more of Pete's work, go to www.superfantasticpicturetime.com.
Our trusty photographer takes on Milan Fashion Week lens first.