Phillip Lim Channels Anita, The Beatles, and Crushes On Lissy Trullie

3.1 Phillip Lim is known for making nice, classic clothes that look more expensive than they are, the kind of stuff that Vogue assistants or Uptown girls with abbreviated trust funds flock to. So when he chose Lissy Trullie, girl-about-downtown with the sharp blonde bob, to play the show, we found ourselves wondering just how many people in the audience really knew who she was. Her band played on as a series of looks seemingly drawn from '60's muses like Talitha Getty and Anita Pallenberg came out: Metallic tees and tapered skinnies, leather pants and burnout blouses, big, massive fur coats and furry vests, which lead us to wonder just how many people in the audience--Lucy Liu included--would really buy the looks. Well, we would, of course, but what will happen to all those clean-cut frocks and work-friendly coats? But you've gotta give him credit for taking risks and branching out. And we'll take that gray motorcycle jacket any day.