The 9 Types Of People You’re Stalking On Instagram

Take a quick scroll through your Insta feed. Really: Open it up for a second and give your beloved follows a swipe or two. Now, cross your heart and tell us you didn’t see some of these people: that guy who seems to be on an endless cross-country road trip with his photogenic dog; the girl who creates tablescapes that would make Martha blush; and of course, the pun-gunnin’ DIYer whose supply closet must be the size of an East Village apartment.
After all, Instagram is more than a wee bit about voyeurism. It's about following the lives of seemingly fascinating strangers, learning their pets’ names (and hashtags), creeping on their significant others, and cross-referencing their favorite coffee shops and selfie walls until you’re pretty sure they live on the corner of Bedford and Barrow. What?
Naturally, we get to imagining what these Insta-icons' interiors might be like IRL. You know that #westvillagelife girl has a Lucite waterfall desk, and Mr. Walking-Beard-Oil-Ad’s coffee table is his grandfather’s vintage steamer trunk from the Titanic. Have a peek at our décor fantasies about our favorite Insta-archetypes, and just try to disagree. Who knows? You might even be one of these yourself.