These Perfumes Are A Crazy Middle School Flashback

What does teen spirit smell like? If you consult our '90s fragrance wardrobe, then you can bet it has a top note of vanilla and sits firmly in the fruity-floral family. Whether it was a stolen spritz of the Body Shop's White Musk when we were shopping at the mall on a Saturday, or a dab of our precious first bottle of CK One on each wrist, just a whiff of those fragrant firsts is as close to time travel as we can get. (Sorry Marty McFly, scent memories are even more powerful than the DeLorean.)

Which is a long way of saying there’s nothing like a much-beloved teen perfume to bring back memories of yesteryear, and while some of our spritz decisions belong firmly in the past, why not break out a scrunchie, adorn your wrists with slap bracelets, and reacquaint your nostrils with these 10 cult classics?

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