Tuesday Events: The Best Evening Ever, Mobius Band, Yo Majesty!, and More

events-0127Photoshop, all those little camerphones, and massive megapixel SLRs have transformed the art of photography and what it means to take, alter, and present an image. Come discover and contemplate how at the Walter Randel Gallery. Born of the Moment and Method: Photography Scans & Video at Walter Randel Gallery.
Hosted by Paul F. Tompkins and The Daily Show's resident expert (and the "P.C.") John Hodgeman, "The Best Evening Ever" creates a panel of Best Week Ever writers and comedians to discuss such pressing issues as facial hair and Britney Spears' sex life. "The Best Evening Ever" at The 92Y Tribeca.
Vets of the electro-pop circut, The Mobius Band may play with melodies and samplers, but they don't pull any punches. The Mobius Band at Bowery Ballroom.
We're not exactly what the 66Sick open bar at Happy Ending is for. We don't even know what they're giving away. We just know it runs from 11pm to midnight, well past the hours that most booze giveaways close up. 66Sick Open Bar at Happy Ending.
The best crunked-out lesbian rap group to ever come out of Florida, Yo Majesty!, will have you slammin tha' booty to the floor and back again. Yo Majesty! at the Highline Ballroom.

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