Weekend Events: November 21 – November 23

weekend_events_lombard_refinery29_1121 Friday
No Hollywood star has ever combined the funny, glamorous, the smart, and the sexy as well as Carol Lombard. Worship at her feet with several of her best movies at Film Forum. Carol Lombard at Film Forum. (Through December 2, pictured)
The joker man. The thief. The poet. The evangelist. National treasure Bob Dylan's got more faces than Bowie. Bob Dylan at The United Palace Theater.
Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls is touring her vampy, cabaret rock as a solo act. Bring your bowler. Amanda Palmer and the Danger Ensemble with the Builders and the Butchers and Vermillion Lies at Webster Hall.
Self abuse takes a slightly adorable, yet frightening turn as artist Kate Gilmore submits herself to all manner of hazards in video and sculpture. Kate Gilmore at Smith-Stewart Gallery. (Through January 18)
Crystal Stills will take you back to a time when shoegazing rock wasn't a pose, Ian Curtis was still alive, and the world was safe for disembodied voices and moody guitars. Crystal Stilts Record Release Party With Cheap Time and German Measles at Less Artists, More Condos
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Got a hankering for booming house beats? Chicago's Green Velvet will fill your stomach. Green Velvet at The Sullivan Room.
Thanksgiving-themed burlesque? Gobble, gobble. Turkey Day with Pilgrim William at Joe's Pub.
There's nothing contrived about Electric Six's unabashed peals of arena-rock guitars, E-Street Band saxes, and juicy, sexy hipster romps. Get your hands up.
Electric Six, Local H, and Fall On Your Sword at Webster Hall.
Long before Night of the Living Dead or 28 Weeks Later, I Walked With a Zombie zeroed in on the classic creepiness of the animated undead in its original Caribbean context in a noirish, 40s, setting. I Walked With a Zombie at The Walter Reade Theater.
Pipilotti Rist takes over MoMa's great central halls and walls with a massive video installation complete with viewing seats speckled about the space. Pipilotti Rist: Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters) at MoMa. (Through February 2)
Punks, rockers, mods—the vast cornucopia of styles and movements that took us from the mid-'70s to the No-Wave era clash and commingle in Rough Cut. Rough Cut at BAM Cinema.
Wouldn't it be nice? Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, rehabbed and as healthy as one could hope brings a little sunshine into a cold weekend. Brian Wilson at the The Wellmont Theater.
Do you do fondue? Please do, fondue. Fondue Takedown Union Pool.

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