Wednesday Events: Liquid Liquid, Sinatra, Yale vs. Harvard, Alice's Restaurant, Meat Beat Manifesto, Music & Art, and the Bad Art Auction

events_sinatra_1119aBuy some bad, bad art for a good, good cause with your host, 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander, and music by Xiu.Xiu. Bad Art Auction at Le Poisson Rouge.
Music & Art mixes the work of rising classical musicians and rising modern artists in an interactive setting. Music & Art at the Chelsea Art Museum.
Okay, we know you probably aren't the biggest fan of college football, but Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 takes old game film and elevates it to the level of documentary art. Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 at Film Forum.
See a cinematic side of ol' Blue Eyes you never thought existed—raw, emotional, and very, very cool. Frankly Celebrating: A Sinatra Salute (pictured)
Since peace and love seem to be the words of the moment, check out Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger in Alice's Restaurant, Arthur Penn's 1969 hippie romp. Alice's Restaurant at Anthology Film Archives.
A living artifact from the time when electronic music was still a new frontier, Meat Beat Manifesto flies in from England to get its due. Meat Beat Manifesto at the Bowery Ballroom.
Talking about bands from the past that are very much present, the groundbreaking Liquid Liquid, the beat kings of No Wave, play at Santos in a show presented by Special Disco Version. Liquid Liquid at Santos' Party House.

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