Thursday Events: Amanda Leopore’s B-Day, Donna Summer. Alvaro Barrios, Wellness, Little Big Man, and Funny Not Funny

events_refinery29_1120.jpgHow many candles will downtown sceenster shemale Amanda Lepore have on her birthday cake? We dare you to ask her at her party. I ♥ NY Amanda Lepore Birthday Bash at Mr. Black.
The "Funny not Funny" exhibition probes the very nature of humor through satirical artworks and performances by Rachel Mason, Shana Moulton, and NY Times Critical Shopper Cintra Wilson. "Funny Not Funny" at Bellwether Gallery.
Superman and Dadaism? Using Pop Art and comic strips, Alvaro Barrios explores his obsession with Marcel Duchamp. Alvaro Barrios, "Dreams About Marcel Duchamp" at Nohra Haime Gallery. (pictured)
An underrated and forgotten classic if ever there was one, Little Big Man transports Dustin Hoffman into a reimagined wild west where the Indians are the good guys and General Custer seems more like our current President than a hero. Little Big Man at Anthology Film Archives.
With shades of Death of a Salesman and Micheal Clayton a brush of dark humor, the award-winning Wellness takes a hard look at the DIY health industry. Wellness at MoMa.
If the last few days of Girl Talk shows have you amped up for more cock-rockin' beats, catch Donna Summer (aka Jason Forrest, aka Cock Rock Disco) whose mix of arena rock and electronic rhythms will sate your hunger. Donna Summer (aka Jason Forrest) (DJ), Rob Threezy, Proper Villains at Le Poisson Rouge.