Tuesday Events: Bradley Wester, Andy Rourke, Thomas Bartlett, The Walkmen, and Of Montreal

events-1216Artist Bradley Wester uses styrofoam, plastic shopping bags, and other commercial debris to create his bright, quirky, installations, which often incorporate his older work, repurposed into something new. Talk about sustainable art. Bradley Wester at KUMUKUMU.
The bassist from The Smiths takes over DJ duties at Beauty Bar's Smithsonian Tuesdays. Andy Rourke at Beauty Bar.
Thomas Bartlett, the dashing dude behind Doveman, covers the soundtrack of Footloose for his latest release. Kinda groovy. Thomas Bartlett + Friends at The Stone.
These dudes are out of control live, which is saying something, considering that The Walkmen are pretty awesome, even when listening from home. Lead singer Hamilton Leithauser (great name, huh?) croons his way to freakin' perfection. The Walkmen at Brooklyn Masonic Temple.
Pysch-pop meets 70's afro-beat meets 80's electro-dance. Yep, that's Of Montreal for ya. These guys have been at it since 1997... so by now, they pretty much have their super unique, super funky tunes down cold. Of Montreal at Music Hall of Williamsburg. anMore Posts:
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