Button: Pride 2020

Tuesday Events: Yip Yip, Little Tramp, Emotional Release, Land O Lakes Painting, Non-Boring Art…

john_baldessari_1125Punk band clad as a pair of mummified aliens on roller skates - this you gotta see. Yip Yip at Cake Shop.
Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp gets into loads of trouble as usual, and he doesn't say a damn word the whole time. Modern Times and City Lights at Film Forum.
Give me some space, dammit! Go share your innermost feelings with other people who want to gush about their emotional response to the election, and the "need for space." I Need My Space at Studio-X.
Haven't you always dreamed of having a painting of a Noxzema jar hanging in your living room? A Land O Lakes Butter portrait in your kitchen? Is that a "yes" we hear? We thought so. David Schorr at Mary Ryan Gallery.
We love John Baldessari for promising to make certifiably non-boring art. Thanks, John. Appreciate it. John Baldessari at Marian Goodman Gallery.
1960's French psychedelic musical romp never before seen in the U.S. Yes please! Screening of Les Idoles at Film Society of Lincoln Center.