Page Turners: The 5 Mags You Must Buy This Month

Fashion's most obsessed must sometimes be frugal. That's why we've decided to instill a new column, scouring the newsstand each month to recommend only the big fat glossy (and pricey) fashion mags you need most. To inaugurate, we're kicking off with our top April issues…modern page turners that are sure to inspire far beyond their expiration date.
1. Self Service—It's hard bound which means it's built to spend some serious time on your coffee table.
Pull Quote: Pg. 326: "Shots is the way forward isn't it? It takes me three seconds to get drunk. I have one drink and I'm like, embarrassing." —Stella McCartney on her tolerance.
Tab These Pages: pg. 296: Jason Schwartzman explains why he is 301: Diane Von Furstenberg talks to Benjamin Liu about being a 307: Katie Grand traces the evolution of print and why Love is the way 311: the executive producer of Gossip Girl on the recipe for a pop cultural phenomenon.
Eye Candy: pg. 109: Loads of sexy looks by Ezra Petronio—Viva La Polaroid! 174: Malgosia Bella/Mario Sorrenti/Camilla Nickerson prove three heads are better than one.

2. V—The cover is glow in the dark so it doubles as a nightlight. Two for the price of one!
Pull Quotes: "I personally find having a sexual relationship with people in their twenties incredibly boring...they listen to such terrible music." —Jerry Hall
Tab These Pages:
p.244: legendary model Jerry Hall on Karl and cougardom...p.262: the album cover art that inspired 18 designers.
Eye Candy:
p. 216: Model Anna Selezneva romps with Michael Jackson, George Clooney, and Jessica the wax museum...p. 252: models don tear sheets as garb.
3. i-D—Because you know you want to know what Miuccia is winking about.
Pull Quotes:
"Vanity is the case for people who like being in the spotlight and having their portrait done...But what about the people who like to hear those stories and look at those paintings? Why are they so interested?" —Miuccia Prada on the vanity-obsessed.
"What strikes me is that lately, fashion based on more human and personal aspects has completely disappeared. Only a very strong, aggressive way of dressing has remained." —Miuccia Prada on fashion's recent desire to make an impression.
Tab These Pages:
p.52: Waris Ahluwalia talks about his love (of jewelry)...p.60: Zucca celebrates its 20th Anniversary...p.96: Francesco Vezzoli paints Miuccia Prada, then interviews her...p.130: Pete Doherty's got a way with words...p.172: Watchmen shows us what the Armageddon might look like.
Eye Candy:
p.86: Clone Zone: Models a la Helmut Newton...p.100: Heads Will Roll: Check Out Tania D Checking Herself Out.
4. Interview—Though we're dubious about the cover statement, this is the first redesigned issue so it's sure to be collectible.
Pull Quote:
p.22: "Since I've never watched American tevlevision, I didn't understand until everyone started asking me to get his autograph." —Model Edita Vilkeviciute on not knowing who Zac Efron was before their sexy mud romp.
Tab These Pages:
p.36: Take a peek inside Erin Wasson's Venice Beach abode...p.38: Margo Feiden on Who Shot Andy Warhol?...p.74: Marianne Faithfull talks love, life, and music...p.78: Miuccia Prada and Rem Koolhaas take on a building-sized project...p.106: Meet your favorite new band Amazing Baby.
Eye Candy:
p.64: Zac Efron gets dirrrrty.
5. Paris Vogue—This is the issue profiled in CNN's Carine-focused documentary, so it got plenty of screen time.
Pull Quotes: Pg 232 "At this moment, I go on You Tube for three or four hours each morning to watch Shakira or Beyoncé. I'll turn on Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' and get up on a chair and dance."—Azzedine Alaüa on current hobbies.
Tab These Pages: pg. 115: Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor is as Cali-cool as her Juice diets explain why French women don't get Mario Sorrenti captures sisters posing as A photographic look at America's model family, the Kennedy' Cover starlet Scarlett Jonansson is no buxom blond
Eye Candy:
Carine creates a mommy dearest in the making.

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