4 Growing Pains We ALL Experience By 30

Whether from the mouth of a well-meaning family member or a newly minted 30-year-old pal, you’ve probably heard some variation of the sentiment, “I loved my 20s, but I’m so glad they’re over.” It's a touch dramatic, of course, but considering the number of major life changes that occur during the decade — enough to fuel at least a million internet think pieces — there's no getting around it: Being a young adult is exciting but also incredibly overwhelming at times.
Unfortunately, much of what's out there on the topic reads more as a writer getting something off her chest and less as actually useful guidance. Yet, this is a space where many of us could use a little assist. So we joined forces with Clarins — first to celebrate the value of experiences like reevaluating your career path and learning what you want out of your relationships, then to devise how to come out of each situation stronger than ever. Onward and upward.

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