The Woeful TAIL Of A Struggling Actor: This Pretty Kitty Can't Find Work

The stories of the young, starry-eyed, aspiring actor heading to L.A. to chase the dream are a dime a dozen. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have some scoop to spill. But one struggling entertainer stands out from the crowd — because, well, he’s a cat. Um, who knew our furry friends endured the same trials and tribulations as a out-of-work actors?
Vito Vincent is a good-looking Tabby cat that moved to our fair city from New York, only to fruitlessly scour the streets in search of the next best gig. We’re serious folks, this little guy was a fixture on the small screen — appearing on The Colbert Report and 30 Rock. So, naturally, he packed up and headed West to pursue even bigger dreams of the silver screen. But it’s been a no-go for the driven feline. The fur-ocious (last one, we promise) dude hasn’t booked a gig in a year, and he's starting to lose steam. We feel for the furball. Read about his unique showbiz battle from "his" POV here— anyone have a casting agent on speed dial to save his four-legged career? (LA Times)

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