More Badass Than Tony? Mrs. Bourdain Eats 2 Double Cheeseburgers For Dinner

We've often wondered what type of lady could hold the affection of foodie bad-boy Anthony Bourdain. And now this all makes sense: He may be tough, but his wife, his wife is the badass UFC enthusiast, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt... and yes, foodie, of his world. Meet Ottavia Bourdain, stomach behind the Bourdain family mouth, so to speak. This is a woman who eats omelettes in the bathroom just to squeeze something in before watching a UFC fight, a lady who orders two double cheeseburgers (but takes off the bun), who noshes on peanut butter in bed after a full meal of multiple filets, and whose breakfast regularly consists of two pots of coffee and "protein shakes." Yes, plural. Sure, she may train six days a week, and yep she does stick to a "no carb, no sugar" diet, but she also chows down on five cans of canned meat (this canned meat to get specific) in one sitting. We're — in a word — impressed. (Grubstreet)
Photo: Via Grubstreet

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