Orly’s New Precious Metal Polish Is Knocking Our Socks Off!

With cool, wild nail art trends popping up everywhere, it's no surprise that earth-friendly brand Orly would develop a line of polishes that share the same properties as actual precious stones. And we went bananas when we saw Orly's new limited edition collection, Mineral FX. These uber-sparkly lacquers include materials like fluorophlogopites (actual crystals!), glass particles (not to cut you, to create a drool worthy luminous effect) and mica (remember that glittery material you learned about in 8th grade earth science?). Inspired by rich, precious metals, the jewel-tone color palette includes smooth, metallic shades of pigment that boast duo color effects that reveal jaw-dropping, gold undertones. Sounds amazing, right? And, with names like, Rock the World, Rock It and Rococo A-Go-Go, these babies are sure rock your nail world!
Orly Mineral FX Collection, $10 each, available in November at Orly.